About Us

Ethically sourced, artisan teas + tisanes

Here at Botanik we love our teas and make every effort to ensure that all of our products are grown, sourced and produced to the highest ethical and environmental standards, from start to finish.  

Our Australian teas are grown and processed on a family run, single plantation in the Conondale ranges of south-eastern Queensland. All the teas are guaranteed spray-free and residue-free, with no pesticides or fungicides used throughout growing and processing. 

Similarly, our premium Ceylon range of traditional black teas are carefully sourced and supplied through direct relationships with known Sri Lankan growers. Our suppliers have spent 6+ years working directly with specific producers, providing guidance for improving picking and manufacturing practices as well as paying well above Fair Trade prices for the end result.

Carefully blended and handcrafted in small batches, we help ensure these teas unique flavours are captured at their best. From first flush to last steep, Botanik Tea is good.